Sunday, July 6, 2014


I was going to share a card today, but I thought I'd share some personal photos instead, and start sharing the cards tomorrow:) We got back yesterday after spending a week at a cabin near Nevis, MN. It was great to get away for a week, but it's also always great to be home again. This is the view from our cabin.

Here is the little cabin we stayed in. It's at West Crooked Lake Resort. The other cabins they have are bigger and nicer, but for just the two of us, this worked:) We stayed here seven years ago for a week, too. The weather was varied - some strong winds, some rain, some clouds and some sun. 

 A couple "tourist" pictures - me at the Brauhaus restaurant (we've eaten there three times now, and it's very good.)
And me sitting in Paul Bunyan's hand in Akeley. (We took this for our grandson, who likes Paul Bunyon.)

We went out in the canoe a couple of times, went to Park Rapids a couple of times, rented bikes, walked and just relaxed. Oh, and I brought some limited stamping supplies and managed to make eight cards, which I'll be posting during the next few days.

I'll close with a couple "nature" shots. The top is our state flower - the Ladyslipper. Not sure I'd ever seen one before. And the second is "up close and personal" with a dragonfly on my husband's finger. Hopefully this wasn't too boring!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Sheri said...

Great pictures. Saw them on the group as well! Thanks for sharing them. Your vacation looked like a nice time. I love the state flower. Always looked forward to seeing them when we were in Minnesota. Not at all boring! Quite enjoyable!

Vicki Dutcher said...

That cabin and view look like an excellent vacation! Your photo with Paul is pretty awesome! :)

JUDI said...

FANTASTIC pictures. It sounds like you had a very good vacation. TFS
With Love Judi

bonnie32002 said...

I love your vacation pictures...thanks for sharing them!
I wish I would remember to bring the camera and then actually use it lol!

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

You look like a little toy in "Paul's" hand. LOL Too bad the weather wasn't a little more cooperative but glad you were able to get some good pictures and have a good time!

Mary said...

Not boring at all!!! I love the little camp that you stayed at for the week. It looks lovely. I had no idea that The Lady Slipper was your state flower. I have lots of them on my property and seem to get more of them each year. We are not allowed to cut them the state can fine us if they find out that we have cut them.
And your dragonfly photo is awesome. Lynette you look so tiny in the hand of the big hunter man. All very cool shoots. Hope you had a fantastic time.


Leslie Miller said...

What a beautiful getaway in that cozy little cabin! Not boring at all. It's been too long since we did something like this. We need to find a nice place where they'll allow two Golden Retrievers to stay inside with us. We won't go without them. I would definitely take some coloring supplies, too. Your state flower, the lady slipper, is gorgeous. Ours is the Oregon Grape. Not nearly so pretty, but it does have value. Thanks for sharing these photos and giving me an ahhhhh moment!