Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Look, Ma - No Lines!" ... or ... a Tutorial on No-Lines Embossing

I've been asked by several people how I use my small Cuttlebug folders without having lines from the edges of the folders or without "smushing" the embossing next to it.  This is how I do it.

I took a giant-size cereal box (from Costco) so it's nice and sturdy and thick cardboard.  I cut four pieces just smaller than the sizes of my folders.  I glued them together.  The picture on the left shows the pieces before they were glued together.  The one on the right is what I used for this card.  I have done a tutorial and uploaded it to YouTube.  You can find it here.  (You really can't see the embossing in the video, but you can see the procedure!)  The "recipe" for using my BIGkick is to use Tab 1 and one clear plate.  You'd have to experiment with your embossing machine to determine what plates you need to use.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Sheri said...

Thanks Lynette - I am off to eat some cereal :)

Bahb said...

The picture on the right is the correct one? I would LOVE to do no-line embossing but can't watch You Tube because I'm in a rural area where VERY slow satellite is the only internet connection. Could you post a picture of a finished shim that prevents the lines? Does the shim go beneath or on top of the embossing folder? Maybe it doesn't matter, guess I just don't understand the theory.

Thanks for posting your cards, which ALWAYS look exactly as I want mine to look!


Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

Cute card and what a great idea to keep from getting the fine lines. The tutorial was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent tutorial and very helpful!
Thanks AGAIN!

Mary said...

A very pretty and soft looking card. I love the way that you came up with the idea of how to use the smaller embossing folders. Thank you for sharing the info and the video.. :)


Kris Chirhart said...

Lynette, you are brilliant!! Thanks for the tutorial... maybe now I will try to use those border folders I never use!! Your card is beautiful, as usual!!

Leslie Miller said...

A brilliant solution, Lynette! Watched the video and I think I understand. Bet we'll be seeing a lot more no-line embossed cards out there now. Love this very sweet all-white card!

Liesbeth said...

Hi Lynette

thank you for sharing this simple solution. I will set my boys on eating their cereal really quick.
I'm going to explore your blog a little more.