Friday, February 15, 2013

This and That

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything. I still don't have any cards to share, but I hope to have something fairly soon. I just thought I'd update you on a couple things.

First, my mom. She ended up getting the stomach flu last week and spent a couple nights in the hospital. She is doing great now, though. She got her stitches out on Wednesday and saw the oncologist today. I haven't heard how that went yet, but I'll try to remember to update you on that, too, once I talk to my brother. Update of the update: The oncologist is recommending four or five weeks of radiation. She will see the radiologist on Friday and get his recommendation. They are still certain they got all the cancer, but don't want to take any chances.

This week's Flutter By Wednesday challenge is to use hearts along with your butterfly or fairy. Please visit this post for all the details and to see the wonderful cards made by the Design Team. Next week, I sure hope I'll have a card done!

Our new house is fairly settled, except for the garage (which is a mess and we still haven't brought all of our stuff over from the old house!) and my stamping room. I finally got the last piece of furniture in the stamping room and got all of my Stampin' Up! stamps on the shelves in the right order. I really feel like getting rid of all of them, but I don't want to just give them away. Plus, I still like them! I used to have a huge closet that held all of my non-stamping craft items, but I don't have that any more. So, now I have to figure out where to put those things, too. The logical place is my stamping room, but there is no storage for them in there. For now, they are just on the floor of our family room. I'll get that figured out soon, I'm sure. I'm about ready to start stamping! I have actually spent a little time (keyword: LITTLE!) playing with my Cameo Silhouette, but not enough to have made anything with the pieces. I think I'll let that sit for a little while longer, get my room in order, and make some cards!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Chookarooni said...

Glad to hear things are falling into place - you will be glad to have the final move (garage things) done and behind you - hoping all has gone well with your mom.
thinking of you

Patti J said...

I'll continue to send up prayers for your mom - she's got to be getting tired of the pokes, prods, and needle sticks. So glad to hear that you are almost settled in to your new place, and hopefully, you'll get to enjoy that new craft room soon. Have a good weekend, dear friend. Hang in there! Hugs...

Mary Cardini-Andersonh said...

I had no idea that your Mom had been ill. I hope that she is now feeling lots better.

Your Valentines Day card for Jim is wonderful. I'm certain that he loved it. I hope you had a Happy Valentines day. You must have lots of stamps because your room sure looked big to me. :) Do you have a basement pr a spare room that you could put all of your SU sets in? I'm sure that you will find a place fr all of your stamps.