Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Flowery Thanks

This piece of off-white cardstock with the embossed "thanks" was in my card parts box. Time to use it up! It was embossed years ago with an item from Sizzix. It's a brass stencil in a clear plastic folder with a piece of hard clear plastic formed in the shape of the stencil to push the cardstock through. I know I didn't describe that very well, but does anyone else remember them??? I still have several of them. :) I haven't used them for years, but after digging it out to check it out, maybe I'll to use them again some time soon!

Anyway, I simply cut a piece of patterned paper and adhered it to the embossed piece and placed it on a white card base.

It feels good to have been spending time in my stamping room and using up more parts. I have not forgotten my "mission" to use all of my Stampin' Up! stamps, but that project has been put on hold for a while. I was feeling "stifled" creatively, but I'm looking forward to getting back to it.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Leslie Miller said...

Absolutely perfect! So easy and I love it so much! I had bunches of those brass stencils. That was before embossing folders or dies. I used a lightbox and stylus to push the paper. Or maybe I'd hold it against the window. Would make my hand hurt. So much easier these days! I keep trying to get back to my SU! project, too, but so much else always needs doing. I'm so glad you're having some crafty time!

Debra Stang said...

You should feel great about using so many of your "card parts!" I have many and they simply get "put on the back burner" and forgotten!

Chookarooni said...

Another lovely card!

Anonymous said...

Still catching up, but just had to say you reminded me that I have a few of these old style Sizzix embossing folders. I have not been papercrafting that many years and had never seen this kind of Sizzix folder until I came across some at my local scrapbooking store's Trash and Treasure sale several years back. The ones I picked up had really nice designs that didn't look out of date at all, so I had to pick them up. But, of course like so many things we "have to have", I have not even tried any of them out yet. But, they are stored in a handy to get to place with all of my other embossing folders so at least they have as good a chance as any of the others of being the one I might pick up next to use. But my embossing folder stash is so big that I'll probably never have time to use all of them in my lifetime. LOL!! And as if I needed them, my husband was at Joann's last week and saw that they had Darice folders on sale and brought a new batch of them home to me. He's so sweet!!!