Monday, March 8, 2010


We're back from our vacation to Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.  If you're only here to see cards, you'll be disappointed:)  I hope to do some stamping today, so hopefully there will be something new tomorrow.

We left a week ago Saturday, and returned last Saturday.  I thought I'd share some of our pictures.  The above picture is a picture of our hotel, taken from the beach.  It was probably taken on the warmest day, which still wasn't very warm!  It was cold and windy the whole time we were there.  Our room was on the top/fifth floor.  It was a super place to stay.

Here is a picture of the kitchenette.  It was really nice to have the microwave and refrigerator and a countertop to eat at.  We would eat the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, one meal out, and one meal in our room.  It helped us eat a little healthier!

Here is the view from our room.  It was taken the day we arrived and it was a little overcast when we got there.  The first day we just got settled, went out for a late lunch/early dinner, vegged in our room, and went to bed very early.  (We had gotten up around 3:00 a.m.)
The second day we met up with my best friend from high school.  She lives about three hours from me at home, but she was visiting her mother-in-law and was about three miles from me in Florida.  (It was VERY windy!)  We walked the beach and found lots of awesome shells.  (She said it was her best day of shelling EVER - in more than 20 years.)

The sunsets were awesome, and we could watch them from our beach, or even from our room.

The next day we walked the beach a lot and spent time at the pool.  It was still cold, but the pool was sheltered from the wind and the sun felt wonderful.  We ended the day with ice cream with our friends.

Tuesday morning it was warmer, but rained hard and was very, very windy.  We walked on the beach anyway - about six miles.  It was great!

In the afternoon, we went to Ft. Myers and visited the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.  (This is Edison's house.)  There is also a museum there.

Wednesday we went to the Everglades and went on an airboat ride and took a nature walk.  We had forgotten our camera and had to buy a disposable one, so no pictures to share from there since I haven't gotten the pictures developed yet.

Thursday was spent on Sanibel Island with my friend, Suzie, and her husband Mike.  I met Suzie through SplitCoastStampers and had met up with her once in Minnesota.  She now is a Florida resident.  We had an awesome day with them.  We even saw dolphins right from their house and also when we were at the beach.

Friday, we went back to Ft. Myers and attended a Twins Spring Training game.  How fun!!  We got to see the starters and even got to see them win:)

Alas, it had to come to an end, and we got up at 3:00 a.m. again and arrived home safe and sound around 1:45 on Saturday afternoon.  It was nice to be home at that time, because it allowed us to get the laundry done and get caught up, and then have Sunday to just relax.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll be come back and visit again soon!


Leigh said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Lynette. The photos are lovely.

Barb said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful trip, despite it being cold. Such a beautiful hotel and great views. Love that sunset! And the chance to visit with friends, watch baseball, run along the beach --- perfect! Glad you're back safe and thanks for sharing the pics.


Leslie Miller said...

Oh, wonderful! What a fabulous get away. It looks so tropical... sigh... I'm glad to hear you had such a good time and I enjoyed the photos.

Dawn B. said...

Oh my gosh this looks awesome.. We are going to Cape Coral and then to Ft. Meyers in April. I can't wait.. I love the ocean and my son LOVES to shell. This is wonderful.. I am so glad you shared these pictures.

Mary said...

Your photos are all wonderful. The sand looks so white and the sky is so blue. I'm glad that you had such a good time. Oh and to walk on the beach for about 6 miles must have been heavenly.It must have been awesome to spend time with your best friend too. Are you in any of the photos Lynette? TFS.


Carolyn King said...

looks like a GREAT vacation. Love Sanibel!

Michele Boyer said...

Oh, look! It's you! **waving hi** :) I'm so glad you had a such a nice trip! It looks FABULOUS!