Monday, January 7, 2013

More Progress

Well, I finally got so spend a couple hours working on my new stamping room. I went over there tonight to vacuum (after getting the carpets cleaned) but it was still damp, so I worked on unpacking my boxes instead. This is the main stamping area of my room. I could fill the shelf on the left, because I know that that one will stay there. I can't fill the shelf on the right yet, because it's possible I may have to move my table forward a little bit, and the shelf, too. Behind my table will be another piece of furniture - the bottom part of our old dining room hutch. There will be lots of storage in that, and also on top of it will be my paper storage. You can see part of my paper storage on the floor behind my table. Also on top of it will be my BIGkick and paper cutter. On second thought, I don't think that will all fit! I'll have to figure it out once it gets there. Right now we're using it for the TV in our family room at our current home. (That is a pack and play for Owen on the floor in front of the shelf. That will NOT be staying in my room:) )
In the corner are three boxes with my Stampin' Up! stamps and other wooden stamps. My plan is to put them on the empty shelves to the right of my table. I have a feeling they will not all fit! Not sure what I'll do with them if they don't. I have lots of built-in shelving in our current home where they were kept. The little bit of stuff on the floor is stuff I still need to deal with.
 Another view of the table. My new Cameo Silhouette will be on the computer desk, along with a printer. It looks a little crowded, but honestly, I like things close so that I can just swivel in my chair and reach as much as possible without getting up!
Empty boxes!!!!! I'll take them back home and fill them with something else.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Danni said...

It's coming along!!

Joanne said...

You have gotten a LOT done! LOOKS like a stamping room now!

JUDI said...

LYNETTE, It's starting to come together. Keep up the GOOD work and thanks for taking the time to share.
With Love Judi

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good.

Shoshi said...

I am so enjoying watching the progress of your wonderful new stamping room, Lynette! It's so exciting. all those boxes will come in very handy for transporting more stuff across, and also for storage later. Keep the photos coming! One day I hope you will do a video guided tour of the room. I have found these to be very helpful, giving me ideas for when the time comes for me to plan a new room from scratch.

Thanks for your latest comment!! The videos will be here toon, I promise! I'm encouraged by how well the first stage has dried - it is more substantial than I thought it would be, even with only 2 layers so far. Time to get back on those knees again lol! I'm going to start the second one today and work on them both together so they end up the same.

Have a great week.


Sheri said...

You have gotten a ton done in there. I especially love the last picture of the EMPTY boxes. That shows a ton of progress!

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