Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Stamping Room - Before

I promised pictures of my stamping room, but I'm not impressed with the ones I've taken. I'm sharing them anyway:) This is the empty room - ready for painting. Can you figure out why I'm painting it? I'm still not sure of the color, but I'll figure it out soon. I had to move some of my boxes into the room because they were blocking a walkway.
 A close-up picture of the boxes in my room. Please note a Christmas present I received - a Cameo Silhouette! I barely tried it and only with thin paper, so I'm especially excited to get my room in order so that I can play with it.
 Here are more of my things in the family room.
Another angle.
And one last picture showing the last of the boxes and a view into the room. Those are double doors into the room.

I received this comment on Tuesday: "Just curious about your comments on choosing paint colors. Guess I'm too nosy, but I can't figure out your comment about never having this kind of house before and what kind of house it must be to make you feel your color choices might not be right. I guess I'm just looking at it from the standpoint that color choices are so personal to our tastes, I don't know that I could give that up to someone else. :)" This house has high vaulted ceilings and alcoves and nooks and is very open. We're used to having more defined rooms where the colors of one room really can't be seen from another room. Right now it's painted using several different colors that are all visible at one time. We need some advice in choosing coordinating colors and where to use darker shades of the same colors, etc. Not sure if that helps explain what we're going through, but at least I tried! Right now the living room has a couple dark red walls and a couple of very neutral off-white walls, the kitchen is grey, the entryway is a purple. I really do like dark, bold colors, but these are not my choice. We won't let someone tell us what colors to use, but want someone to listen to our tastes and make suggestions on how to implement them.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Shoshi said...

I couldn't begin to suggest what colours you should choose, Lynette - but if one room is visible from another, it's nice if they co-ordinate. When I painted our hallway dark red, I used what was left to sponge-paint over orange in the sitting room, and it goes really well, particularly as I have dark red wallpaper borders and furniture in the sitting room! There are accents of green in the hall, which are the same colour as the dark green walls in the kitchen, so it kind of flows through, even though the colours are radically different.

I love seeing the place with all the boxes! There's such an atmosphere of anticipation - everything waiting to be unpacked, and all the fun you'll have choosing what goes where. I can't wait to move and start a new ARTHaven from scratch!

Congratulations on getting a Cameo Silhouette for Christmas! What fun you will have with that. Sheba, my Black Cat Cougar machine, enables me to do so much more with my creativity, and there are loads of cut files available until you start to design your own. Does the Silhouette use svg files? I upload the ones I create onto my Skydrive for free download for anyone who wants to use them, and there are lots of other free ones available, too. It would definitely be worth your while getting to grips with Inkscape, which is a free, and very powerful, vector drawing program where you can create your own cut files. Have fun playing! Can't wait to see what you do with it, but my guess is, from all those boxes, it will be a while before you get any creating done.

Hope you really enjoy your new home.


Danni said...

How fun to put together a brand new crafting room!! Can't wait to see it all done and can't wait to see all your new creations with your Silhouette!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynette. I'm the nosy person who asked about your painting and your reply makes perfect sense. I noticed that Cameo box immediately even before reading about it! LOL! I'm drooling over that and your craft room in progress. I don't have a room - just a space in a room where it shouldn't even be. But, I try to make do. Just don't have enough space to organize things properly so I spend way too much time looking for things and that really gets old.

Barb said...

Lynette, congratulations on your new home and the Cameo! I love decorating when I move into a new house and have used a couple of tricks in the kind of room-to-room visibility. One house I chose a 3-color combination that carried through the house, switching between major color and accents. Another when I wanted to keep it all neutral for future sale, I used varying shades from room to room. The house I'm in now I chose the colors, but my mom did the painting before we actually moved here from Arizona. She is so creative and has a great eye for color and light. In some of the rooms she painted one wall a shade or two darker than the others to either reduce the glare of a large wall, or to make a large wall appear closer, a short wall to appear larger.

I know, I got carried away. Like I said... I love decorating a new house. I'm sure yours will look fantastic and reflect your personality and, especially, creativity. Go with what brings you joy ---- and have fun!!

Judy said...

I love the Color you chose.