Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Stamping Room - Progress

We managed to get my room all painted and sort of put together today. Here it is - all painted, tape removed, outlet covers back on and all the boxes out of the room. Plus the table moved in. That was where I planned on putting the table, but we decided to move it.The color is called "Colonial Brick." I think it's kind of an ever-so-slightly pinkish terra cotta. I'm actually quite pleased with it.
Here, the major pieces of furniture are in place. I will have one more piece on the wall behind my table. It's the bottom of the hutch that went with the table that I have in here. Not sure when we'll get it here. The boxes are on my table and on the other side of the room. I'll unpack them as soon as I can.
When I'm sitting at my table, I'll be able to see outside. That will be nice.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Danni said...

What a pretty color!! Yay for getting it somewhat put together!

Annie said...

What a nice rich warm color, and to be able to see out the window, you'll enjoy that!! I guess for some gals, getting the kitchen put together would be most important, but I'm with you on the stampin room!! Priorities eh!!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying seeing your progress and envy you as wll! What a nice big room for you. I have space in a corner of a basement. My husband and son did add ceiling, paneling and carpet bit there are no windows. How nice it would be to see out! Keep sharing your set up,

Anonymous said...

Love the color!!! I wanted to paint my living room a warm red color but never "had the nerve". What a great color for a stamp room.

Shoshi said...

Oh Lynette, I can't tell you how exciting I find the birth of your new stamping room to be! Hopefully I shall be in the same position in the not-too distant future, planning a new ARTHaven from scratch and deciding where everything will go - and it will be soooo much better than what I struggle with at the moment, which was not really planned, but grew on an ad-hoc basis before I really knew what I wanted, and I can't really change it now. Anyway it wouldn't be worth it for the short time left before we move.

I love the rich warm terracotta colour, and those beautiful double doors giving you a view onto the hall. You look as if you've got a nice lot of space. Do please keep the photos coming so we can watch how it takes shape! It's so exciting!

Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoy my Zentangles. My album is coming on apace, and I am keen to start designing the cover now I've got the ring binder, especially while the tangling bug still has me by the throat! I mustn't neglect my other projects though - several hanging around despondently, waiting for me to return to my ARTHaven!

Hope you are having a great weekend. I can picture you, enjoying planning your new room. You'll soon be up and running!


Sheri said...

You are making great progress! I love the fact that you can move in sort of one room at a time. I know it is not what you planned but this is perfect! No rush to get it all done at once. Pretty color you chose!

Sandy said...

Love, love, love, your colour choice! And I echo Sheri's comment about being able to move in one room at a time.

Barb said...

I love the color you chose! It looks great with the wood. You are going to love this room!

Anonymous said...

WOW ! red. I like it.

Francine (Qu├ębec)

Chookarooni said...

Lynette - how wonderful to get your crafting room organized - love your choice of colors! thanks for sharing - would love to see more as you move!

Mary said...

Your room is going to be gorgeous when you are all finished with it. I love the color that you chose for your walls. The furniture is beautiful. My goodness Lynette this room is quite elegant. Thank you for sharing your photos I love seeing your new home.


Leslie Miller said...

You can never have too much storage. I like things close, too, and positioned all my most frequently used items within arm's reach. What a lovely warm color. It will be a beautiful space for inspiring creativity!