Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Poppies Again - and my thoughts about my Grand Calibur

OK - so here are two more cards I made using a Poppies die from Spellbinders. I wasn't able to cut through anything using the die and my BIGkick, which I have always loved and had no problems with, so I ordered a Grand Calibur from Amazon using a gift card I received for my birthday. I'll give you my thoughts on that at the end of the post.

For this first card, I cut the poppies out of olive cardstock and then again out of reddish-orange. I glued the red flowers over the olive. I cut a panel of white and added Washi tape around the edges and mounted on foam squares. I glued the poppies on the panel. The sentiment is from Papertrey Ink.
For this second card, I cut the poppies out of a black, shiny, textured cardstock. I cut a circle out of red and glued the poppies on that. Then I cut a square from white and matted with black. The sentiment on this one is also from Papertrey. The base is kraft.

OK. My thoughts on the Grand Calibur. I'm not really sure what to say. Although it cut the poppies a lot better than my BIGkick, it still didn't work perfectly. I had to do just a little bit of cutting with my scissors. Then I tried cutting pieces using all of my new dies and the Grand Calibur. I hadn't tried them all in my BIGkick, but I had tried several of them and had failures with lots of them. I will say that for the most part, the dies did cut all the way through using the Grand Calibur. That was the problem with my BIGkick - not cutting through. So, that was better. I've heard from others about not being able to get the cut pieces out of the dies. That certainly was a problem. I used parchment paper between the paper and the die and that helped. And I would much rather have that issue than not cutting everything out. The Grand Calibur requires a lot more winding to get the platforms through. So, overall, I'm satisfied with the Grand Calibur. Honestly, though, I wish I hadn't bought the dies that I had problems with, and then I wouldn't have "needed" a new machine! And I just bought new plates for the BIGkick, so I'm not going to quit using it. I'll just have to use two for awhile. When I'm ready to give up my BIGkick, I'll have to get another plate for my Grand Calibur, as it doesn't come with a plate that you can use with embossing folders.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Christina said...

These are really gorgeous Lynette!
Hugs Kristel

Christina said...

These are really gorgeous Lynette!
Hugs Kristel

Alexandra Kimball said...

I have issues with some dies not cutting well in my electric Big Shot or Vagabond.....I purchased a metal plate that fits as follows:
From the bottom:
Platform (either the sizzix new magnetic platform or the regular one with tabs one and two down
Clear cutting plate
Die - cut side down
Metal plate( it is thin and I believe by memory box
Clear cutting plate

There are some great you tubes for tips on the issue of die cutting.....and they work!

Jeanette Fincher said...

These are both beautiful Lynette! I love how you used the washi tape too! I'm sorry you're having trouble with your dies, I don't like that either. It makes me not use those dies. :(

bonnie32002 said...

Both cards are very pretty.

I want to thank you for voicing your thoughts on the grand caliber. My bug broke a few months ago and I replaced it with another only because I couldn't afford to upgrade to the bigger machines. That would have needed to also add plates whereas I already had replacement plates for the bug. I still would like a bigger machine as some of the dies are to big to run through sideways for a better cut. Your opinion has helped me not regret my economical decision for the time being.

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

Great new cards - the second one is so striking done in the red/black/white color combination.

When I bought my Grand Calibur I'm sure the Embossing Plate came with it. They must have changed that.

Chrissy said...

Two striking and very effective cards Lynette..beautiful.


Leslie Miller said...

Hmmm, that's odd. I've never had a bit of trouble getting it to cut through. Maybe it's the dies. I even cut through double layers of CS with it. I still have my old Cuttlebug and plates. The white Grand Calibur cutting plate and Cuttlebug B plate are what I use for embossing. Sorry to hear you're having troubles still. Scratching my head. At any rate, you created two beautiful cards! You have given them both an Oriental flair which is just right for the poppies. I do really like them cut from the glossy black. Very nice!