Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Watercolor Class Card - Finished

Because I have nothing else to share, and no time to spend in my stamping room, I will post this card:) You've already seen the main part, but I've added the hand-written sentiments. This will go to our granddaughter, Amelia, on her next birthday in March - if I can remember by then! I do wish I hadn't done the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" slanted. I would have preferred it more straight up and down. Oh well!

We went camping for a couple days - left Sunday and came back yesterday. We had a camper cabin at Glacial Lakes State Park. It was totally awesome! We got in lots of relaxing and also lots of hiking. More fun stuff coming up - our daughter and her family from Chicago will be arriving on Friday night and will stay until Tuesday.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Cheryl W said...

I think the slanted Happy Birthday looks kind of cool! I bet Amelia will think so, too. Have fun with your company. I have family at my house, too. They'll be here the rest of the summer.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, hey, this turned into a perfect card for your granddaughter! I like the slanted "happy birthday". Pretty colors. Who knew one big "A" could look so fabulous? The camper cabin at Glacial Lakes sounds fantastic! We're having so much fun with our RV camping this year. Can't wait to go again, but getting some appointments and things taken care of. Got to squeeze in a couple more trips before the weather turns! Enjoy all your summer activities, Lynette!

Laura said...

Lynette, Your watercolor "A" is just beautiful and I LOVE how you added your own hand written words! The Happy Birthday looks great along side the "A" and love how you added your granddaughter's name in the middle! You have beautiful lettering skills! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Laura Holm