Friday, November 22, 2013

No Card - But a Post:)

I scored some free cabinets yesterday. We picked them up last night and Jim (with a little help from me) got them put up tonight! (Just the uppers ones. The lower part is part of old dining room hutch.) I'm not sure what all I'll keep in them, but I've already got them at least half full! I put ribbons and punches and some paper in there so far. I think it will make my stamping room more tidy, as I had a lot of stuff piled up and not very neat looking. Now I'll be able to get my bulletin board hung and a couple pictures that I've wanted. It will be nice to finally have my stamping room all in order!

I haven't had any time for stamping lately. Seems like taking care of a two-month old and an almost three-year-old doesn't leave me a lot of time for anything else! LOL! I DO have four posts scheduled for next week, though.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Harriet Skelly said...

They look great Lynette - use them well!

Mary said...

Oh my Lynette, you are super busy with your grandsons. Aren't they fun. :) Congratulations for scoring some new cabinets. It's always nice when we can use something old and make it new for just the purpose that we need it. Enjoy them and keep us posted when you can. I truly understand how busy you must be.


Sheri said...

WOW! Great score! You can never ever have too many storage places. I am happy for you :)

bonnie32002 said...

Wow! Love the new cabinets and they look to be a near perfect color match to the hutch bottom!

I'm still waiting for any one of my children to get married so I can have a couple of grand children!

Chookarooni said...

Oh Lynn - do I understand - we have Arthur our grandson four days a week - he is a year old and busy, busy, busy - actually look forward to going to work on weekends!! LOL

Leslie Miller said...

What a score! It's nice to be able to keep some things tucked away so it looks neater. They look very nice in your room!