Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! As per my tradition, I am sharing a picture of our Christmas tree. Sorry you can't see that the lights are on. I wish you all safe travels and great times with family and friends.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Shoshi said...

I hope you have a happy and blessed time over Christmas, too, Lynette. Thank you for your two lovely comments on my blog - it's really nice to be able to post again, even if my creative mojo remains firmly absent for now! Hopefully it will return in the new year.

As for mincemeat, in the old days it used to have minced (ground) meat in it, but these days it's mostly dried fruit. I have made it in the past, but this year I bought a jar of it, to save time. You can see a very good recipe for it here:

It is absolutely delicious! It's moist and tangy and spicy and for us Brits at least, full of nostalgia as it is a traditional Christmas food. Christmas pudding is very similar but firmer and more dense. Both the pudding and the mince pies are traditionally served with brandy butter but I like the mince pies as they are (hot or warm is better than cold) and in our family we have always made a rum sauce for the pudding (a plain white sauce made with cornflour and milk, laced with rum just before serving). Deeelicious!

Mince pies have a special significance for me because my dad absolutely adored mincemeat, and whenever I eat them I think of him! He died two years ago in early December.

We've had a busy time of late, with family and friends and meals out etc. so my hubby and I are looking forward to a quiet couple of days just for us, and a big family day with his brothers towards the end of the month.


Sandy said...

Lynette, wishing you and all your family and truly Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Unknown said...

Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family, Lynette! I have really enjoyed following your blog this year and meeting you in person!

Leslie Miller said...

Isn't it fun to do up the tree in all those pretty ornaments? I had a tradition of buying or making one new ornament each year. Limit one so it would be special. Then got too many. Lots of years of collecting ornaments, plus using the precious heirloom ornaments, as well. Anyway, just wanted to say I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I put all computer and stamping aside for a few days and now I'm way behind in emails and visiting. You now how that goes. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, Lynette! Our son is here for a few days yet.