Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Stay Home and Stay Well!

Even with all this time at home, I haven't had time to spend in my stamping room. Maybe soon! But, I just wanted to take this time to check in. We are taking this situation very seriously and are staying home except for going out for walks. We are not even getting together with our son and his family. I think we will start seeing them again in another week or so, after we've all been "quarantined" for a two or three weeks each. Edited to add: And by that I mean - they are not going out at all and we are not going out at all, so as long as we only see each other, we will be fine.

Stay well, everyone!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you'll come back and visit again soon!


Chookarooni said...

staying at home too , schools cancelled and gym club where son works closed also so son has grandsons for at least next two weeks. Keep well, sending hugs

Mary said...

Hi Lynette,

So glad to hear that you and your husband are staying home. Wayne and I are doing the same thing. Tomorrow will be our first week! Hopefully another 2 weeks will be enough. Like you we are not seeing our family during this time. I miss them but know that the time will go by quickly. Better to be safe than sorry.

Take good care!

Mary from NH

Leslie Miller said...

We're going to shelter in place until the virus runs its course. I don't know how long that will be, but it won't do any good to stay home for a couple of weeks and then go out get exposed. We'll just have to see. Maybe we'll get lucky and it will pass soon because everyone is being smart for the good of all. I'm glad you're one of the smart ones.

Cheryl W said...

I haven't had contact with my daughter, either. She teaches at St. Thomas University and someone in her department is suspected of having the virus, so we have kept to our home. I will volunteer tomorrow, but I will be taking extra precautions.